We Are the Evolution & Lancair Testing Experts

Our product is designed to take a newly built Lancair Evolution from the time of the 1st Flight to project completion. The “completed project” is defined by delivery of an aircraft which is squawk free and ready for training. Our goal is to complete this task during the 40 hour phase one flying required by the FAA to prove the aircraft is airworthy and safe. We have a team of knowledgeable and experienced test-pilots who have an excellent relationship and work closely with the aircraft builder, Lancair, Garmin, TruTrak, and all other manufactures of equipment in the aircraft to ensure all systems are working properly as advertised.

Over the past several years our team has developed an excellent reputation in the Redmond / Bend area for our knowledge and experience. We have more time training and flight testing the Lancair Evolution than anyone else in the industry. What this means is your project is completed sooner and with fewer headaches as many recurring issues are recognized immediately. Our role is a complete “Project Management” facility who becomes the central point of contact between all parties involved with the aircraft. We set out with a documented flight-test plan, which is a systematic and organized approach to our flight testing procedure. This approach ensures everyone involved in the project is aware of the progress and is accountable each step of the way.

During testing we develop a very through and extensive squawk list of all discrepancies discovered. As the list develops we also schedule and manage each item being corrected with the appropriate person and at the most efficient time. In doing so, we decide which items are flight critical and which can wait to be fixed along side other squawks for each technician. Each step is documented and available for audit at any point in the project. Upon request, we can also submit a report of the days progress and expectations for the following day.

We would like the opportunity to earn your business and make this experience an enjoyable one. Our first goal is safety, our second goal is to get you flying and enjoying your new aircraft as soon as possible. If you have questions or suggestions feel free to contact us regarding your project. We look forward working with you in the near future.