Qualifications You Can Trust

Elite Pilot Services specializes in High Performance and Technically Advanced Aircraft flight instruction. Each of our instructors have thousands of hours, both instructing and flying Technically Advanced High Performance aircraft. Each member of our team is a great resource for information and are highly qualified to fulfill a wide array of advanced instruction needs. We provide both VFR and IFR instruction with TAA systems such as the Garmin 1000, 900x & G3X, Chelton Flight Systems, Advanced Flight Systems, OP Technologies, Grand Rapids Technologies, Dynon Avionics, and many more.

Elite Pilot Services is also experienced in teaching Turbine Aircraft systems. This includes, but is not limited to Pressurization and High Altitude physiology, weather, icing and ice related systems, and emergency procedures unique to Turbine Aircraft. Operations at high altitude require a more conservative approach to flight planning and a greater respect for the weather encountered in that environment. Familiarity with icing conditions and a firm grasp of the limitations of most anti-icing systems (if available) is extremely important.

For all levels of instructing, from basic aviation skills to advanced and transition training, we have the knowledge and experience necessary to get you where you want to go in aviation. Please call us to discuss your particular needs with a qualified instructor and develop a customized training plan to achieve your goals.

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