We conduct all our operations on half-day and daily rates. This becomes much more cost effective for the customer and makes billing more streamlined and easier to manage. The way things normally work is that we try to fly three hours in the morning and another three hours in the afternoon. During this time we are exploring the flight envelope and developing the squawk list to ensure everything is working properly.

During the average project we expect to spend many hours of “uncompensated” time making phone calls and organizing all of the parties who will be involved. This will include such entities as Lancair Avionics, Lancair Engineering, your builder, Garmin, TruTrak, and many others. It is also reasonable to expect to conduct a great deal of time consulting in an effort to fix the squawks as they arise. Our goal is to charge for productivity and flying the airplane. This is why our structure is set-up in this way. If we show up to fly we automatically charge for a half-day of work. In the unfortunate event we cannot fly much due to maintenance issues we will proceed by organizing the repair of the grounding item or items. In the event we fly in the afternoon, which is usually the case especially after the first 10 or so hours, we will bill for a whole day. Again, when it comes to billing we always keep productivity as the priority and we always document our accomplishments for the day or billing period.

*Policy may change or be updated without notice. Please contact us for details and current rates.