Elite Pilot Services Update

The EPS Team has been busy since our return from Africa. Please accept our apology that we haven’t posted any follow-up before now, but let’s get everyone caught up a little bit. We are very proud and excited to have completed two additional Lancair Evolution Phase One flight test periods. Kit numbers 35 and 36 are now proud members of … Read More

Evolution Flying to South Africa, The Trail’s End

November 15th & 16th 2012 Well, this is the day we have been waiting for. We are hoping to make it to Johannesburg, South Africa , our final destination. The first leg is from Luanda, Angola (FNLU) to Windhoek, Namibia (FYWE) and is almost 900 nautical miles. Yesterday we had to divert and return to Luanda because of the ice … Read More

Evolution Flying to South Africa, Making Good Progress

November, 14th 2012 When we returned to the airport the next day, we unloaded the car and headed into the terminal. We were still being escorted by our handler who passed us off to the immigrations officer. We passed through the usual security line with an x ray machine, etc.  Our next stop was at a security desk where we … Read More

Evolution Flying to South Africa, The Nigeria Experience

November, 13th 2012 We had a nice stay in Abidjan. There were no real issues, the whole experience was pleasant, and we were feeling rested. The weather and winds for the direct route to Sao Tome didn’t allow for the direct flight we hoped for. We made all the proper arrangements with the handler and informed them we would stick … Read More

Evolution Flying to South Africa, Departure From Conakry

November 12th, 2012 We gathered our paperwork, looked at the little bits of weather provided to us by the handlers and decided it was okay to fly on to Abidjan, Cote de Ivoire “Ivory Coast” (DIAP). We knew they were forecasting thunderstorms along the route, but without a network of ground based weather radar you just launch and hope for … Read More

Evolution Flying to South Africa, An African Experience

November 11th, 2012 Our flight from the Grand Canary Islands to Conakry was actually very uneventful. We landed in Dakar, Senegal (GOOY) for fuel and departed for Conakry, Guinea (GUCY). The weather in Dakar required us to fly the instrument approach with low clouds and visibility. Except for the complete lack of procedure and guidance from ATC, the fuel stop … Read More

Evolution Flying to South Africa, Escape From Another Country

The EPS Crew has made some great progress over the last several days. We apologize for not posting blogs each day, but if the terrible Internet was our only challenges believe me the posts would have been there. The trip from Spain through Africa has been exciting, eye-opening, challenging, and sometimes outright scary. We are currently in Luanda with just … Read More

Evolution Flying to South Africa, In a Holding Pattern

November 7th, 2012 As you might have noticed there has been one common theme to our journey to South Africa. The weather has taken a great deal of real estate on the blog thus far. It was known to expect some delays on this trip, but with the late start crossing the Atlantic, combined with the fact Africa is currently … Read More

Evolution Flying to South Africa, Flight Into Spain

November 5th, 2012 The weather forecast for Bern, Switzerland was pretty poor in the morning, but was forecasted to clear up early in the afternoon. Our plan was to have a relaxed morning, departing as soon as the weather cleared and head towards Reus, Spain (LERS). We figured that was about all we could accomplish this day considering the late … Read More